Advantages & Benefits

Learn about the advantages and benefits of joining the World Association of Therapists today

Benefits of being associated:

The Associations that make up our partnership group, represent a collection of professionals working with the common goal of promoting and enhancing their Professional Education in the Therapeutic areas and Integrative medicine, to all who are associated.

Partner organizations advocate for their members by providing resources, information, and opportunities that they would not otherwise have.

Members can come together and share their challenges and triumphs with each other.

Joining our association gives members a competitive advantage because they become active and informed members in their industry.

As a result, association members will always be informed about important industry trends, new legislative decisions, and advances in technology.

– Professional Development. One of the greatest opportunities professionals can find in an organization is the chance to invest in their professional development.
– Networking opportunities.
– Unique online resources
– Conference and Workshop Attendance.
– Receiving the most up-to-date education plans.

Our association’s growth strategy is based on a willingness to adapt, especially after the health problems that affected us all.

This has made us grow more in responsibility and new methodologies.

It has awakened the ability to innovate and implement data-driven solutions that produce maximum value for members.

With your membership, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. By becoming an Annual Member, you will receive 03 Courses available in the period. *observe the school’s regulations.
2. With the semester membership you will receive 01 Course in our school.
3. Online Member Community
4. Flexible online learning and certifications
5. Mentoring Programs
6. Exclusive job boards for members
7. Virtual Events
8. Discount to attend new courses, within our es cola.
9. Directories
10. Volunteer Programs
11. Exclusive and sector-specific offers
12. After your training, you will have your name and data entered in the register of Qualified Professionals to offer your services

Exclusive bonus: After completing 60 (sixty days) as an annual associate, you will receive the same value of your admission as a member, in the form of a Digital Card (you can request your physical card), to use in your activities, pay, receive and make your money grow, just like your new profession!

That’s right: A card and a Digital account with credit, exclusive to members in one of the Group’s partner associations, to give you the opportunity to grow professionally.
One more incentive for you to start or improve your education.

*Exclusive benefit for those who choose to become Annual members.
*Subject to credit analysis.

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