"We can create a better world if, step by step and with no rush, we transform ourselves into better human beings"

Ricardo R. Pereira

By combining elements from different knowledge sources, Integrative Therapies can be considered a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatments than more traditional methods, perceiving the client as the most important element to act in the rebalancing process.

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WOOT is an organization focused on developing ideas, projects and methodologies based on global social reality, aiming to bring knowledge to professionals of the various integrative therapeutic practices.

We intend to empower new human being who are emerging, the ability to seek clearer, broader and more efficient results, in the recovery of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


the new vision in therapeutic practices

Epigenetics is the field of biology that studies changes in phenotype that are not caused by changes in DNA sequence that are perpetuated in cell divisions, meiotic or mitotic. It is called an epigenetic character when the phenotype is altered by such changes.

Integrative Medicine Timeline

Integrative Medicine have a long history, going back to the ages before Christ.

2000 AD
The Renaissance to the Modern Era
The emergence of the Dark Ages into that of the Renaissance was largely the result of the Arabic period of translation. The ancient works were brought forward to the modern era through translation into the common language of the time: Latin. This was followed by an expansion in experimental investigation, particularly in dissection of the human body. As a result, human anatomy and neurology had significant advancements.
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622 AD
Islamic Golden Age
During the Islamic Golden Age, Persian physicians contributed to medicine in two phases. The first was a period of translations (750–900 bc). The philosophers, Gerber (721 BC), Al-Kindi (801 BC), Rhazes (865 bc), Al-Farabi (872 bc), Avicenna (980 bc), and Averroës (1126 ad) had profound effect on the Dark Ages of Europe.
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1600 BC
It is widely believed that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a 3000–4000-year history. TCM was embedded in the “philosophy of Confucius who called for the ideal family ties and the promotion of social and ethical standards of societies.” The oldest Chinese medical texts are thought to be on herbal medicine.
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2500 BC
Unlike many civilizations that imported systems of other outside cultures, Indian medicine was derived in India and had interwoven systems of other cultures, predominately Greek, as part of India's own system, but this interweaving occurred only at a later time period.
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3100 BC
Mesopotamia and Egypt
It is believed that the oldest civilizations were in the areas of present-day Egypt and Iraq (Mesopotamia). Given that medicine is so often culturally based, it undoubtedly follows that the first medicine came from these civilizations. Thoth was an Egyptian god who was the inventor of art in general.
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The New Human is emerging, through self-knowledge, through the expansion of your consciousness.

A path with no return       
But also… the way back!

You feel prepared?

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Master Ricardo – President WOOT


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