Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS recognizes the responsibility to protect all data and information processed, regardless of whether they belong to WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS, partners, or third parties. By protecting this data and information, we can ensure that we maintain our reputation as a trustworthy institution and partner, allowing us to maintain principles and achieve objectives established in our values and goals.

1.2 WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS keeps Personal Data about our users and other individuals for several commercial purposes. WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS is committed not only to the letter of the law, but also to the spirit of the law, and highly values the , lawful and fair treatment of all Personal Data, respecting the legal rights, privacy, and trust of all individuals with whom it deals. Data breaches are generally recognized as one of the most costly security breaches in organizations. They can lead to financial losses and cause users to lose confidence in WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS or in our partners and purpose. Regulations in the various jurisdictions in which WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS operates require WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS to take reasonable security measures to protect personal data we possess or control, to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, or similar risks.

2. Scope

2.1 This Privacy and Data Protection Policy is applicable to all Users of our Webiste (, and its application is independent of the way the User accesses WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS services.

3. Terms and Definitions

3.1 Personal Data: WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS defines Personal Data as the broadest definition contained in the GDPR. WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS defines Confidential Personal Data as the broadest of the definitions contained in the GDPR.

3.2 Any use of Sensitive Personal Data shall be strictly controlled in accordance with this policy. While some data will always relate to an individual, other data may not per se relate to an individual. Such data does not constitute Personal Data unless it is associated with or relates to a specific individual.

3.3 Generic information that does not relate to a specific individual may also form part of an individual’s Personal Data when combined with Personal Data or other information to allow an individual to be identified. Aggregate data are not Personal Data.

3.4 WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS collects Personal Data for two purposes, to identify and protect data provided to us by our clients, and for internal operations. Personal Data we collect for internal operational purposes related to identifiable individuals, such as customers, suppliers and marketing contacts, and the data collected may include individuals’ contact details, educational background, financial and payment.

4. Form of Data Collection

4.1 As a User, you will be asked to provide various information about yourself. In addition to the information you provide, WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS may collect further information about you from third party partners, registration data agencies, and others.

5. Purpose of Collection

5.1. WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS will use data received, as well as other information collected exclusively for the purposes of WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPIST’S website.

5.2 When registering and using WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS services, the user allows WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS to use his/her answers in the questions section for statistics and data concerning WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS services, including, but not limited to, quantity and percentage of right and wrong answers, quantity and percentage of answers in certain areas, among others, without any divulgation of the user’s personal data and/or performance. The WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS reserves the right to use the received data and make analysis in the way it considers appropriate.

5.3 WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS does not disclose to third parties any identifiable personal information provided by users. All and any data that WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS considers important for the development of the WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS may be divulged only anonymously and/or together with other data and information that make its individual identification impossible. Nevertheless, in case WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS receives an order issued by a Governmental Authority in the accomplishment of its legal attributions (in the UK or abroad), or in case of violation or suspected violation of this Policy of Privacy and Data Protection or of the applicable law, WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS may disclose your personal information, undertaking, however, to reveal the information limited to the minimum necessary to reach the required purposes.

6. Cookies

6.1 Cookies are small files that websites and applications place in your Electronic Device when you visit them for the first time.

6.2 WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS, as well as many content and information providers and online access tools, use cookies to collect information. If it is of the User’s interest, the User can configure his browser to deny all cookies or indicate when a cookie is sent. However, it is possible that some functionalities of the Website may not be presented in the best way. If the User never registers or leaves personal information while using online tools, the server will only know that someone with his or her cookie has returned to that page. It will not know anything beyond that.

6.3 Cookies allow us to save User preferences and names, register products and services, and personalize pages. The function of the cookie is to notify webpages when User returns. In this way it is possible to fine-tune cookies to better serve Users and even offer more specific content based on their preference.

7. Information Protection and Security

7.1 WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS considers security of users’ information very important and, therefore, executes the best practices to keep them protected, especially from a technological point of view. However, even if WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS takes all adequate technical measures to protect its information, we do not assume any responsibility in case it is intercepted or incorrectly accessed by third parties.

7.2 The Website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. This Privacy and Data Protection Policy applies only and exclusively to personal information collected by WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS, as we are not responsible for your personal information that third parties may eventually collect, store and use through other websites. Thus, we recommend that the User consult the respective privacy policies of such websites to be adequately informed about the use of his/her personal information by other websites or tools not managed by WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS. Moreover, the User hereby recognizes and agrees that WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with such third-party websites.

7.3 The User also has responsibilities to assure that his/her information is secure. If the User is a member of the community formed in the environment of the Website, we strongly recommend that:

(a) keep your login (access) data secure, undertaking not to give your access data to any third party;
(b) always log out of your account when you are not using it, especially in public places or with shared network access;
(c) try to follow good security practices, such as being careful when using public Wi-Fi or shared internet access connections; and
(d) notify us immediately if you suspect that an unauthorized third party is hacking into or accessing your account.

8. General Provisions

8.1. WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS does not use any type of automated decision that impacts the USER.

8.2 WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS has the right to change the content of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy at any time, according to necessity, such as for adequacy and legal conformity to a law disposition or norm having equivalent legal force, and the USER is responsible for verifying it every time he/she accesses the Website.

8.2.1 Updates to this document requiring new consent collection will be notified through the contact registered in the registry.

8.4 If third-party companies perform the processing of any data collected by WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THERAPISTS, they must obey the conditions stipulated herein and our Information Security rules, obligatorily.

8.5 In case any disposition of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy is considered illegal or illegitimate by authority of the locality where you reside or of your Internet connection, the remaining conditions will remain in full force and effect.

8.6 The USER recognizes that all communication made by e-mail (to the addresses informed in his registration), SMS, instant communication applications or any other virtual and digital form are also valid, effective and sufficient for the disclosure of any subject that refers to the services we provide, as well as the conditions of its provision or any other subject addressed therein, except as provisions expressly defined in this Privacy Policy and Data Protection.O

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